It’s Worth Checking Out These Highly Amusing Baby Yoda Problems Because the Child Doesn’t Have it So Easy

Megan McCluskey

Baby Yoda has 99 problems, but holding the world at rapt attention ain’t one.

Although the season 1 finale of The Mandalorian aired in December, people are still finding ways to bring the internet discourse back the big-eared green alien who stole pretty much every’s viewer’s heart the moment that he appeared onscreen.

The latest online conversation surrounding the Child, as Disney calls him, was spurred by the hashtag #BabyYodaProblems, which asks fans to empathize with Baby Yoda over the trials and tribulations he experiences on a daily basis.

The problems range from physical, like his short stride making it so “the other side of the room is 3 hours away,” to logistical, like no one knowing his real name.

But of course, if anyone in the galaxy far, far away is capable of overcoming these challenges, it’s undoubtedly Baby Yoda.

See some of the best #BabyYodaProblems posts below.

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