Dog Racing Through This Store Is an Icon When It Comes to Getting Exactly What You Want

Rachel E. Greenspan

If you’re familiar with the neighbors who befriended a dog via letter-writing and the dog having a crisis during his family’s Christmas photoshoot, you may enjoy scouring the internet for fun viral dog clips. We see you, we understand you and we are here to help you in this search.

Please look no further than this precocious Boston Terrier who evidently loves running around the doggy store.

In a tweet shared by the Humor and Animals account on Monday, Jax the Boston Terrier has gone viral for his speedy chase through a Petco pet store while holding an extremely large bone in his mouth, because sometimes one lap around the aisles is just not enough. The clip has 64,000 likes and 12,000 retweets as of Tuesday afternoon.

The video was first posted to Instagram from Jax’s account in 2018, so it has basically made the rounds online more times than the dog did in the store and it’s worth appreciating now as Twitter breathes new life into it.

The nine-year-old pup lives in L.A., according to his Instagram bio.

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