Come and See Game of Thrones’ The Mountain Lift Ed Sheeran Over His Head

Megan McCluskey

In the past, the sight of Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane lifting up a fellow Game of Thrones actor has frequently served as a cue for fans to cover their eyes. But during a weekend run-in with Ed Sheeran — who played an unnamed Lannister soldier in Thrones‘ season 7 premiere — actor-strongman Hafþór Björnsson showed off his gentler side.

Björnsson, who played the Mountain in Game of Thrones‘ final five seasons, took to Instagram on Sunday to share a video of himself picking up Sheeran and lifting the singer fully over his head while everyone else in the room cheered. “He asked for it,” Björnsson captioned the post. “Luckily I didn’t drop him… He has to work tonight!!”

Sheeran, who is currently on tour, also shared a photo of himself posing in the air while Björnsson effortlessly supported the entirety of his weight. “When in Iceland,” he quipped.

Although the two seem to be friends now, Sheeran should probably consider himself lucky that he never came to face-to-face with Björnsson on the show. We’re guessing that Cersei wouldn’t have been too happy that he helped out one of the Stark girls.

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