Lady Gaga’s Extreme Freeze Frame Is the 2019 Grammys’ Most Dramatic Meme

Cady Lang

Lady Gaga brought all the drama when she performed her Oscar-nominated A Star Is Born song, “Shallow” at the 2019 Grammy Awards. Dressed in a dazzling bodysuit and equally bedazzled platform boots, the singer gave an epic, high-energy glam rock performance that was less like her A Star Is Born’s character Ally Maine and more in-line with her current, very stylized and very sparkly Vegas residency, Enigma.

Her Grammys performance was so memorable, in fact, that in a night full of show-stopping moments, it still somehow created the night’s most viral — and thus, meme-able — instance: a freeze frame of Gaga looking straight into the camera, while rocking out. As might be expected, it took the Internet no time in making Gaga one of the most popular and hilarious memes of the night — and if there’s anything we’ve learned from Gaga during her A Star Is Born press tour is that she can provide plenty of meme fodder.

See the best memes of Lady Gaga’s epic Grammys moment below.



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