One Person Was Killed in a Stabbing Attack in Melbourne, Police Say

Eli Meixler

One person was killed and two others injured following a stabbing spree in Melbourne, Australia on Friday, according to police.

Law enforcement officers responding to a car fire in the city’s central business district were “confronted by a male brandishing a knife and threatening them,” Victoria police superintendent David Clayton told reporters Friday. Police shot and subdued the knife-wielding assailant, who is in critical condition and under observation in the hospital.

“Three people have been stabbed. Unfortunately, one is deceased at the scene,” Clayton said.

Local ambulatory authorities said three people were assessed at the scene, according to One of the injured was reportedly in suspected critical condition with a neck injury, while another had sustained a head injury. The condition and injuries of the third person was unknown.

Police are not looking for other suspects in the incident, and have cordoned off a section of the city’s central business district.

While the investigation is still in preliminary stages, “there is no known link to terrorism at this stage,” Clayton said.

Police have urged anyone who witnessed the incident or had footage to contact them.

Victoria premier Daniel Andrews thanked responding police officers, as well as “the every day Victorians who came to the aid of complete strangers.”


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